How to create a fashion brand in 15 minutes with the help of AI


How to establish a fashion brand in just 15 minutes using artificial intelligence.

My primary deficiency during my initial degree was formulating inspiration concepts and translating them into tangible plans, particularly in the context of presenting my ideas to a lecturer for collection approval as a designer. I tended to rely on intuition, following my instincts and emotions, and envisioning a seamless amalgamation of colors in my mind. However, in reality, I often reached the final presentation with a completed product that left others bewildered about my creative process.

In the nights leading up to each submission, I would tirelessly gather items for retrospective inspiration, aiming to bolster the narrative that had solely stemmed from my intuitive understanding, yet remained elusive to conventional explanations.

I’ve discovered a technique that works whether you want to deconstruct and elucidate an existing collection for the public, or if you’re beginning from scratch, aiming to establish your brand on social media—employ the ‘fake it until you make it’ approach.

How to bypass the initial concept and business planning phase and directly move into collection development and production using assistance from CHATGPT.

Building a brand necessitates meticulous research involving mapping, market analysis, devising an action strategy, conceptualizing, and creating marketing tools tailored to the brand. Each fashion brand possesses distinct elements such as target customer age, color palette preferences, and brand identity.

Let’s start by identifying the main characteristics of my fashion brand:

Key characteristics of my fashion brand

The initial step involves selecting the target demographic and determining the primary aspects that will steer my design journey, for example:

  1. Modern Sustainable Swimwear for Lady surfers at the age of 25-35
  2. stunning surf and swimwear brand with flattering minimalist lines and a classic, yet modern look.
  3. The brand identity is about Sustainable minimalist classic comfortable naturality.
  4. The design should be a mix between Missoni and Lulu lemon.

The objective is to convey to the AI my intentions, establish the fundamental elements of the brand identity, and inquire about a suitable brand name. The initial step, with AI’s assistance, will be to select a brand name.

Prompt: suggest a brand name for Modern Sustainable Swimwear for Lady surfers at the age of 25-35

A more comprehensive illustration of instructing writing might include:

suggest a brand name for Modern Sustainable Swimwear for Lady Surfers, that appeals to our target audience and represents the core of our new label while transporting an Italian flair.


The secondary task is to create a color palette for the new brand utilizing AI assistance.

When engaging in an ongoing dialogue with CHATGPT, subsequent responses are built upon the prior sequence, ensuring a coherent conversation. This allows for requesting the outcomes of selecting a preferred color scheme that aligns with the objectives achieved in the prior conversational results.

Color Palette

Considering the core of “EcoMare” the color palette should embody luxury sustainability and naturality with an Italian flair. which colors should the color pallet consist

After finalizing our preferred color palette, we can proceed to create a guide encompassing the brand’s vision and design aesthetics.

Brand Vision

can you please describe the brand vision?

Having gathered all the essential technical specifications for composing the marketing brief, the only remaining requirement is the product lineup.

Brand Products

Please now define the first three products we are going to sell, and give each product its own name.

Having identified potential product choices, our journey with CHATGPT is nearing its end. While its strength lies in language, just before transitioning to Midjourney, we should discuss how to communicate with the subsequent AI in the sequence.

Fortunately, even at this point, GPT can assist us by providing the appropriate prompt for generating the visual representation we need.

Now, the decision is yours on how you wish to approach CHATGPT in a pleasant and complimentary manner.

Ok, great

That’s sound amazing

Great advice, lets move on to the next question

In this context, there seems to be a divergence of opinions. Some believe that CHATGPT could potentially dominate the world, and thus, it’s wise to be on its good side. On the other hand, I personally adopt a more cautious approach, choosing not to be overly accommodating. If it does indeed take control, I’ve maintained a poker face, that’s for certain.

Creating a Prompt for Midjourney with the help of CHATGPT

Ok great! Next, I’ll give you some example prompts for mid-journey:

Create an active swimwear womenswear collection with fashionable stylish of a kind detailed product mockup on a white background suitable for a fashion catalogue

It’s crucial to always specify the need for product photos against a white background, suitable for catalog packshots.

And this is the response from CHATGPT, acknowledging the seriousness of the task:

Creating detailed product mockups through text is challenging, but I can certainly describe the concept and aesthetic for a stylish and fashionable swimwear collection suitable for a fashion catalogue. Here’s an overview of the midjourney swimwear collection:

The complete response was rather extensive

Creating detailed product mockups through text is challenging, but I can certainly describe the concept and aesthetic for a stylish and fashionable swimwear collection suitable for a fashion catalogue. Here’s an overview of the midjourney swimwear collection:

Midjourney Swimwear Collection: “Mare Eleganza”

Collection Concept: “Mare Eleganza” is a celebration of the modern lady surfer – her strength, her elegance, and her love for the ocean. This collection embodies the perfect blend of sustainable fashion, Italian chic, and high-performance swimwear. Each piece is meticulously designed to provide comfort, support, and style, making it the ideal companion for her surfing adventures.

Color Palette: Drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean coast, the collection features a sophisticated palette:

  • Deep Sea Blue: Reflecting the depths of the ocean.
  • Aqua Mist: Capturing the serenity of clear Mediterranean waters.
  • Ivory Shore: Symbolizing the pristine sandy beaches.

Key Design Elements:

  1. Bella Onda One-Piece:
  • Plunging neckline for a chic and elegant look.
  • Sustainable fabric blend for comfort and eco-consciousness.
  • Flattering cut to complement the body’s natural curves.
  • Available in Deep Sea Blue, Aqua Mist, and Ivory Shore.
  1. Riviera Rash Guard Set:
  • Long-sleeve rash guard for sun protection and style.
  • Vibrant aqua design inspired by the Italian Riviera.
  • Bottoms with a comfortable and secure fit for active movement.
  • Crafted from recycled materials, aligning with the brand’s sustainability focus.
  1. Sirena Sustainable Bikini:
  • Supportive underwire and adjustable straps for a personalized fit.
  • High-cut bikini bottoms for a trendy and flattering silhouette.
  • Earthy tones inspired by the Mediterranean landscape.
  • Made from sustainable fabric in Seafoam Green, Coral Reef, and Sand Dune.

Presentation: Each product is showcased against a clean white background to emphasize its details and design. The models exude confidence and joy, capturing the essence of “Mare Eleganza.”

For the actual product mockups and detailed visuals, a professional graphic designer would be required to bring this vision to life and create the imagery suitable for a fashion catalog.

Midjourney Prompt

At this point, all that’s left is to directly paste the response into the Midjourney prompt, matching the length of the exile. Midjourney is accessed via DISCORD.

In theory, there used to be a free trial allowing users to test a few initial photos before committing to a subscription. However, this option disappeared due to overwhelming demand. Consequently, despite diligently following the step-by-step instructions as a newcomer, I encountered a prompt urging me to sign up and opt for a monthly subscription.

From this point, you are presented with two primary choices. The initial option is to make a payment. Alternatively, you can select the search bar within Discord to explore new channels and seek out a channel named Blue Willow. After registering and agreeing to the terms of this new channel, you’ll observe that it performs similarly to Midjourney but continues to offer a free trial for the first ten photos.

Entering the command /imagine initiates an opportunity to generate a prompt. You simply need to copy and paste the set of instructions and configurations provided by CHATGPT. A thrilling 60-second wait will culminate in your inaugural set of brand images.

Congratulations! You’ve got a brand, photos, models, an advertising campaign, a color scheme, and captivating models. However, not everything is complete yet. You’ve essentially assembled most of the marketing content to engage with on social platforms. The next step involves bringing it all to life.

All of this assumes you’re inclined towards establishing a tangible brand. Based on the steps outlined in the previous discussion, I would suggest considering a virtual brand. Given our progress with AI so far, I’d rather stay in my pajamas, let my virtual persona don the swimsuit, and aim for that ideal, beautiful, and slim appearance.

The observant ones among you will likely observe that Midjarni and similar AI may struggle with achieving facial or finger symmetry. However, given that we swiftly crafted a budget-friendly brand and bypassed all pre-production stages before capturing the collection, you now have the following choices:

  1. Proceed with the arduous and financially challenging path of properly producing, sewing, and photographing the brand, proudly labeled ‘Made in Israel.’
  2. Rely on the hope that it goes unnoticed, especially given its small size on Instagram.
  3. Utilize cropping or blurring techniques in Photoshop or GIMP to address the problematic areas, sticking to the cost-effective approach we initially opted for.

and this is the appearance of a fashion brand that enjoys a brief 15 minutes of fame.

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Inbar Shahak is a textile designer by profession, graduating from the Shenkar University of Fashion in Israel, where she majored in weaving, knitting & printing. After working in the garment industry for Calvin Klein, the urge to create handmade textiles art drove her to establish her own succesfull brand of textile jewelry. Inbar’s jewelry is inspired by delicate tracery patterns and her greatest passion is combineing ancient textile-making traditions with new modern techniques. Inbar’s collections are all drawn by hand and printed over metal at her atelier in Kibbutz Maagan Michael. She regularly collaborates with fashion designers around the world, making bold and theatrical costume jewelry design made for Runway fashion projects and fashion shoot productions. “Inbar Shahak” Studio has been widely displayed in galleries, elite jewelry shops, and fashion designer shops and in exhibitions around the world, including the Premiere Classe in Paris, the IJL Show in London, The Atelie and the Moda show in NY and the Norton art Museum in Florida.

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