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My name is Inbar Shahak , I am a Jewelry designer with a prior background as textile designer. the whole world to me is made out of textile, this grey word that we don’t seem to think about much represent all aspects of our life. Starting from our very own clothing and going up to industrial product for space.

I always use traditional textile patterns and technique as my inspiration, combining it with modern material and manufacture method to achieve a modern update fashionable look.

Textile is the language of the silent woman. A Sisyphean work that requires observation and inner listening which is very distinctive to the rhythm of the industrial world where we are living today.”

Some textiles are more expensive then gold and yet we tend to think of them as something that any child can easily tear apart. especially compare to a metal precious ring that we will inherit to our next generation, I’m interesting about the perception of a textile as a timeless jewel.

if you wish to see my jewelry please visit me at my jewelry site

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